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Blue Beats Percussion

The Blue Springs South Winter Percussion ensemble, or better known as BlueBeats to the Blue Springs South community, was promoted to the Scholastic A MCCGA class during the 2016 season. This was a great honor for the students and reflects the hard work they consistently put into their program.


This ensemble underwent a little change last year and the season's focus was on student leadership and student accountability. The students were in charge of the productivity of the group, with some staff assistance.

This promotion was very humbling to BlueBeats and we are proud to represent our school and district in this new class.


Our 2016 program, “Luck of the Draw” incorporates some intricate drill design by Jason Palmer, and arrangements by Ian Gromes & John Mapes. Our 7 of diamond floor design and “gambler-esque” costumes are sure to make you feel like your in an exciting card game with these young performers!

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