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Jazz Band


The Jazz department at Blue Springs South High School consists of two bands; one being the Jaguar Jazz Ensemble and the other being the Jazz 2 Ensemble. Both ensembles are chosen through an audition process and are extra-curricular in meeting after school 2-3 days a week depending on scheduling. 


The Jazz 2 Ensemble is typically meant for younger students seeking to improve their jazz skills to a high school level or also students that are brand new to jazz band looking for an introduction. Repertoire for the Jazz 2 Ensemble stays within intermediate high school level.


The Jaguar Jazz Ensemble is one of the top performing groups at Blue Springs South High School consisting of older students being more experienced on their instruments. Repertoire for the Jaguar Jazz Ensemble is on the more advanced end of high school level music and also ventures into the beginner/intermediate level of college jazz music. 


Over the course of the school year both jazz bands usually attend 2-3 jazz festivals around the KC Metro/Midwest area. Both bands perform toward the end of the school year at the Blue Springs South District Jazz Showcase with Moreland Ridge Middle School and Delta Woods Middle School as well.

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