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New Member Information



As a new member or parent of a new member, you may have many questions about band. This section should help to answer some of those questions. If you still have questions, please attend the parent meetings on the 4th Monday of every month, or contact one of the band staff.


What does the band fee cover?

All members of the band pay a one-time program fee for the season's events. The fee may vary some from year to year and the amount for the Fall marching season is provided during the Spring Informational Meeting held in April each year. Along with the fee amount, a schedule will be provided for those families wishing to make payments. It is critical that students pay the band fee as it covers all things for the season such as the show shirt, practice shorts, member shirt, first pair of gloves, first pair of performance socks, ticket and transportation to the DCI show each fall, transportation and hotel fees for out of state marching festival, and ALL meals on travel/festival days.


What is an IBA?

IBA stands for Individual Band Account. Each band member has an account established for them when they join the band. This account is like a "savings" account for the student that can be used to pay band fees and other expenses. Deposits are made to the account through various fundraising activities that are designated for the IBAs. Students/parents can requst Mr. Padget apply the funds to fees throughout the year as they arise.


Do I have to pay to have my band uniform cleaned?

No, the band fee helps to cover the cost of cleaning the uniforms. The parent uniform committee will collect the uniforms and send them to the cleaners all at the same time.  For concert band, members are responsible for cleaning clothing that the student brings home with them such as tuxedo shirts.


Can I wear my own black shoes for marching band?

No, you will need to purchase a pair of shoes when you first join the band. After that, you will need to purchase a new pair if you lose them or if you outgrow the shoes.  The shoes should only be worn when directed. You should always check after each performance to be sure you have YOUR shoes and that they are both the same size.


I am in Color Guard, are there additional fees?

Yes, the color guard has additional fees for the uniforms and flags as these are purchased each season unlike the band uniforms which are used for several seasons before they are replaced. The color guard additional fees will be shared during the color guard tryouts each spring.


Are there additional fees for special trips?

Yes.  During years when the band takes a large trip (typically out of state and more than 2-3 nights) there are additional travel fees to cover the cost of lodging and transportation. Large trips typically occur every other year. Past destinations have included New York City, Disney World, etc.  The trip may include marching in a parade and/or playing in a symphony hall in addition to other activities.


I cannot afford the band fee or another fee.  What are my options?

The Blue Springs South Band program does not want any student to not be able to particpate in band due to financial needs. If you feel you may have trouble paying the band fee, please contact Mr. Doug Padget ( to discuss options, including potential assistance from the Jaguar Pride Booster benevolence fund.


What is the PAC? 

The PAC is the Performing Arts Center at Blue Springs South High School.  It is located on the north side of the school near the tennis courts. 


Is there a fee to be a Band Booster? 

No.  Because your student is in the band, you automatically become a band booster.  You can particpate as much or as little as you desire, but the more you participate, the more you will know about what is going on with the band and you will receive much in return.  Watching the students grow over the years and helping to support them along the way is priceless!


What happens after the marching season?

After the marching season, there are still a lot of band events going on.  In addition to the symphony and concert bands, there  is the opportunity to participate in Winter Guard in addiiton to Jazz Band and Pep Band.  There is something available for everyone.


As a parent, can I attend rehearsals?

Yes, parents are encouraged to attend the evening rehearsals to cheer on the students.  It is best to come during the last hour or so when they are going through the whole show.  Rehearsals are  held in the football stadium and of course, there is no admission fee for these.


What is a competition?

A competition is where the band performs against other high school bands in the same class.  The class is determined differently by each competition but typically the schools are similar in size.  Competitions usually have  a preliminary and a final portion.  The preliminary or "Prelims" as they are often called, are held during the day.  After prelims, a predetermined number of bands will be selected to perform in the finals based on their overall preliminary score. There is an awards ceremony following the prelims.  The finals start in the evening and then are followed by another awards ceremony.


During a competition, it is important to cheer for all the schools, not just ours.  Each student in every band has put a lot of work into their performance and deserve to be recognized for it.  While a band is performing, the audience should be respectful and not be talking or moving about the stadium.   Many venues will prevent you from entering the stands once a band is on the field and you should refrain even if they do not have monitors preventing entry.  This ensures everyone is watching the performance and that you are not in the way of other parents trying to see or take pictures of their student on the field. 


There is an admission for competitions and the fee varies based on the school.  The competition fees are a major fundraiser for the hosting band as is our annual home show- The KC Championships.  We will try to post the admission fee whenever possible along with the event posting on the main band calendar.  Parking at the events is free.





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