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Missouri Band Masters Association

The National Association for Music Education

Mid-Continent Color Guard Association  Winter guard and Winter Percussion schedule, scores 
and discussion for the local circuit.

Winter Guard International  Winter guard and Winter percussion schedules, scores and 
discussion for the national circuit.

Drum Corps International  Corps information, links, schedules, scores, discussion, video and 
audio clips of Drum Corps.

Bands of America  National Marching Band shows, schedules, scores and discussion.


Marching TV  Instructional information for marching band techniques.

Finale Music  Music writing software.  You can download finale notepad for free.  Students can 
use smart music for individual rehearsal.

Free Metronome Online  Students can use this at home.


Instrumentalist Magazine  Great resource for literature and technique information.

School Band & Orchestra Magazine  Check out the “how to series.”

Educational Links

Vic Firth  Educational resource for percussionists. Check out the tutor section. You will also find 
video clips of Drum Corps and WGI Lines.

Percussive Arts Society   Educational society for percussionists.

Xtreme Brass & Percussion  Brass educational information

Woodwind Fingering Charts  Online fingering charts for most woodwinds.

International Saxophone  Educational resource site for Saxophone.

International Clarinet Association  Educational resource for Clarinet.

National Flute Association  Educational resource for Flute.

International Trumpet Guild  Educational resource for Trumpet.

International Horn Society  Educational resource for French horn.

International Tuba Euphonium Society  Educational resource for Low Brass Instruments.

Miscellaneous Band Information

The Concert Band  Educational resource for all concert band members.

Jazz Society  Links for Jazz information

Ricci Adams' Music Theory Resource  Everything you needed to know about music theory.

Funky Winkerbean  What everyone thinks of band.

You Know You're a Band Nerd When....  Over 700 band nerd jokes. Enjoy!

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